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Business is a common practice in today’s marketing world. Due to the huge number of business transactions taking place on a daily basis there arrives a need to record all these transitions. Such a record helps to analyze business trends and make policies thereof. These records are even helpful in filing tax returns and various other procedures. A tally is a software which enables to record these transactions without any trouble. Accounting records are the basic function of this software but it also contains other functions such as

  • AccountingTally
  • Inventory
  • Income tax
  • Billing
  • GST
  • Payroll
  • TDS
  • Stock Management…. etc.

These various features make it difficult to operate such a software. Thus a professional, appropriately trained, in operating this software can handle it well. All small and large businesses use this software nowadays. Thus there are many opportunities for jobs after learning such a software. Nice College offers tally learning programme for students in the accounting field who wish to learn the technicalities of this software. A comprehensive course is designed in order to impart all the necessary knowledge into the students related to this software. It includes both the basic understanding as well as the advanced features. There comes a possibility of instant employment with the completion of this course. Students are provided with course material. They also have the benefit of a self-paced course, which allows them to complete it without compromising on other things.

The world is moving towards digital economy at a very fact once. There is a need for such software more than ever. Everything these days is being done through computers and online software. Useful software such as tally is in great demand and so is the professional who can operate this sophisticated software. This course helps students in learning the advanced functionalities of tally and operate it like a pro.

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