PGDCA Distance Education in Jaipur


PGDCA Distance Education in Jaipur


PGDCA Distance Education in Jaipur. Basic knowledge of computers and related applications has become a necessity in this tech-savvy world. All those who have an edge over others in this field of work land up very good jobs and opportunities because of the ever-growing demand. Post Graduate Diploma in computer application (PGDCA) offers the very required skill in computers management. It provides fundamental knowledge of computers that gives students a basic idea, as well as a bit, extended details about the field. Teaching about Operating system and programmingprinciples is the primary motive of this postgraduate diploma coursePGDCA Distance Education in Jaipur. All the basics and advanced techniques of computer application are embedded in the course syllabus. Features and management of files and data are also included. Students are able to achieve specialization in computer science through this diploma course. In-depth knowledge of programming languages is given to students who opt for this course.

PGDCA fee & courses details:-


Registration Fee

Tuition Fee

Examination Fee

Actual Fee Per Sem. / Per Year


2 sem




11400 Per Year


PGDCA Distance Education in Jaipur. Students are made aware of the basic IT industry dynamics and related knowledge is imparted. In order to so efficiently, we imply effective ways and methods to let students achieve the best results. All this is done without hampering their regular schedule. They can access the course benefits with convenience and adjust it to their best timings. Proper help is provided by our expert faculty in order to make students capable of understanding the course content and underlying principles. Easy scheduling of course and exams is an explicit feature of this postgraduate course offered by our college. The curriculum is designed in a very apt way by experts to make sure the best knowledge is forwarded to students.

Students obtaining a diploma in the computer application can move forward with advanced studies or jobs. Software product and service companies offer high-level jobs to these students.PGDCA Distance Education in Jaipur.  There is ample opportunity out there for students who have the knowledge of computers at its core. Banks also recruit such students. Students can take up a job as a software engineer, programmer, network designer, troubleshooter, software developer, internet expert, system analysts, etc. IT industry has a lot to offer to students with a diploma in computers.

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