MCA Regular Course in Jaipur


MCA Regular Course in Jaipur


One who have a postgraduate degree, have an opportunity to get priority to those students who have a undergraduate degree. Master’s of Computer Application is a postgraduate degree in IT sector. MCA Regular Course is a much needed degree to aspirants who want a batter growth in IT sector. Our institute Nice College is also providing MCA Regular Course in Jaipur in a fluent way with best faculties. MCA Regular Course is a 3 years duration PG course. During the course, aspirants know about the technical aspects of computer applications and softwares. MCA Regular Course provides theoretical and practical knowledge of every single point of IT sector. MCA Regular Course make a way to understand network and database. You can easily learn about mobile technology which is mush needed thing for present time. Programming languages are most important to learn about the computer system. In MCA Regular Course aspirants also learn about it.

MCA Regular Course Curriculum

Our institute, Nice College, is providing MCA Regular Course Degree in Jaipur in various fields like-
1. MCA in Application Software
2. MCA in Software Development
3. MCA in Hardware Development
4. MCA in System Development
5. MCA in System Management
6. MCA in Hardware Technology
7. MCA in System Engineering
8. MCA in Networking etc.

Career after MCA Regular Course

After completing MCA Regular Course Degree, aspirants can easily find a great job opportunities at public as well as private sectors. There are so many job opportunities across India and abroad. Aspirants can easily get a job in government and public IT firms. Aspirants can start their career as Business Analyst in IT Sector. Most of the companies like Infosys, Microsoft, HCL, IBM, TCS, Wipro, GAIL, BHEL etc hire MCA Regular Course Degree holder aspirants as Network Engineer, Project Manager, Quality Analyst, Software Developer, Software Application Architect, System Analyst etc in their IT Security Team. Most of the IT companies/firms have MCA Regular Course Degree holder aspirants as Ethical Hacker to protect their systems. After completing MCA Regular Course Degree you can start your career as an App Developer, Social Medial Handler, Web Designer etc as your self employment as well as your job profession.

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