MCA Distance Education in Jaipur


MCA Distance Education in Jaipur



Master in Computer Application (MCA) is another wonderful and technical post graduation course offered by the Nice College. Apart from being highly beneficial, it also carries the advantage for students to complete it conveniently from home. MCA Distance Education in Jaipur is a course which offers deep insights into the information technology advances happening in the modern world. This degree covers many technical aspects and ranges into many mechanical aspects too. It helps in developing specialized skills in students related to applications and software. This course is designed in order to impart the students with functional knowledge of basic and advanced computer applications and systems. Master in Computer Application (MCA) is also a good choice in order to develop proficiency and knowledge of computer applications within a short time span.

Master in Computer Application (MCA) fee & courses details:-


Registration Fee

Tuition Fee

Examination Fee

Actual Fee Per Sem. / Per Year


6 sem.




21800 Per Year


This course will help students in developing skills in the areas of:

Computer Networks

Data Management

System Administration

Software Development

System Designing……..and many more.

MCA Distance Education in Jaipur. Through our distance learning program, students can complete their post graduation in computer application without a gap in their career. We offer students with the easiness of scheduling course and exams according to their preferred timings. It gives freedom to students and working professionals to carry on their studies while continuing other things. We thrive to provide students with all the necessary requirements. We offer the best quality services and education. The course is designed in a manner that takes into consideration the learning needs of students as well as the market requirements. This is done to make sure that students are able to develop proper employable skills and do not face any issues while looking for a job. We provide advisory services as well as personal support to make sure that students learn and retain their course well.

MCA Distance Education in Jaipur, As for the future scope of this course, it is one course that opens up a lot of opportunities. As the IT industry is at a boom, having a post-graduate degree in computers will definitely be of help. Data management and software development jobs are very commonly available to students with this degree. Programming can also be a good option to choose. Students can move into the corporate sector too.

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