Master in Science (M.Sc)


Master in Science (M.Sc)


Science has emerged as a promising field of study in the past few decades. More and more students are opting for science as their subject for studying and further research. Science has this feature because it consists of quite a few numbers of underlying subjects such as PhysicsBiologyChemistryBotanyZoology etc. These subjects make this field all the more attractive for students with inquisitive minds. Masters in Science is a common postgraduate degreechosen by graduates from the science field and either graduate too. It offers advanced knowledge of science fundamentals and principles. It is a 2-year course with high tech scientific base. It has a lot of potentials to develop the analytical abilities of students. Master in Science (M.Sc) course makes students ready to move into various kinds of jobs with the varied profile. It helps on the extensive understanding of the subject with giving a proper idea to students as to what science is all about. Students can attain expertize in solving science-related issues by taking a masters degree in science.

Master in Science (M.Sc) fee & courses details:-


Registration Fee

Tuition Fee

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2 Year




21800 Per Year


Master in Science (M.Sc) Regular fee & courses details:-

Students can take up Master in Science (M.Sc) In subjects such as:



Environmental Science




Computer Science




At Nice College, we try to make students aware of all the basics related to the subject along with advanced skills. Our experts are endlessly engrossed in designing the best curriculum for our students. We aim at providing the best education with the flexibility to the students. Self-paced master degree in Science is really helpful to students who wish to continue other works along with studies. The course is designed keeping in mind all the technicalities of the subjects. New trends and updates are added to the course whenever necessary. Study material is given to students at proper times and with specifications. Our experts try their best to make the course easy to learn and understand. Students can, therefore, enhance their skills with proper resources made available to them by us.

Master in Science (M.Sc) can prove to be a fruitful step for students thinking to take science or related subject as their career. This course opens up many opportunities for students. Students can move into fields of research and Development. Various government organizations hire such science enthusiasts into their organizations. Private jobs can also be an option. Students with this master degree an take up jobs with a variety of profiles which gives freedom to students to choose the best according to their preferences.

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