BCA Distance Education in Jaipur


BCA Distance Education in Jaipur

India’s growth has largely been the service sector led. Especially the IT sector boom has contributed to it. This leads to a greater demand for computer professionals in the market. Nice College offers a high-quality undergraduate degree of BCA Distance Education in Jaipur for aspirants who wish to make their career in this field. This course is designed to make students technically competent. It is a detailed and specific study of computer applications. This course is to make students learn to address the problems in computer systems and their applications. This course has a very professional outlook in terms of studies and career opportunities. Basic subjects and theory covered in this undergraduate degree consist of AlgorithmData ManagementPrinciples, and Programsvarious Computer LanguagesBachelor of Computer Applications (BCA), and different kinds of Programming.

BCA Distance Education in Jaipur. The syllabus and curriculum of this computer degree are designed to suit the industry demand and needs. More flexibility is offered to students in the completion of this course because of the provision of distance learning. High-quality education for students is the motive of our institute and we thrive to achieve it. We have a dedicated professional faculty which designs the course and the underlying content. These well-trained faculty members are there to help students at every stage of the course. We try to develop the courses in a manner which does not disturb the overall schedule of the students. This course is technical in nature and needs a detailed study if the market as well the updates that come along.

Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA) fee & courses details:-


Registration Fee

Tuition Fee

Examination Fee

Actual Fee Per Sem. / Per Year


6 sem.




15050 Per Year


Distance Learning / BCA Distance Education in Jaipur

This course opens diverse career opportunities for fresh graduates. The boom in the IT sector has generated many new jobs which suit the education profile of students with an undergraduate degree in computer application. Due to the technical competence developed after completion of the course, students can easily find jobs matching their resume. This course trains the students in the key functional areas needed to be known to a computer professional.

BCA Distance Education in Jaipur. Students can even go for advanced studies in Computer and related technology through a Masters in Computer Application (MCA).

After completing this course from our college, a student will be well versed with all kinds of computer programming and languages. Choosing a career or finding a job will not be much trouble anymore.

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