BBA Distance Education in Jaipur


BBA Distance Education in Jaipur

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is a three-year undergraduate degree programme offered by Nice College. All those who have an inclination towards making their career in the world of management can opt for BBA Distance Education in Jaipur as a graduation course. It will definitely prove to be a prudent step towards a fulfilling career that will open new avenues for the students. This course focusses on developing a strong foundation in management. Nice College offers this course to all those who wish to be a management professional or are budding entrepreneurs.

This business administration degree will impart students with the knowledge of economics, financemanagementmarketingcomputer applicationglobal market scenarios, and general business law besides the basic themes of the corporate world. Our college had designed a specialized curriculum in collaboration with industry experts. We even have experienced team of faculties to make it easy for students to learn and retain knowledge. All these extra features make the learning process easy and hassle-free. BBA Distance Education in Jaipur. We try to nourish and help prosper the required skill set in the student in order to prepare them for future opportunities. Students will get familiar with various business issues and management techniques. They would develop analytical skills to handle complex business problems. All this and much more is accommodated in this three year BBA Distance Education in Jaipur course.

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) fee & courses details:-


Registration Fee

Tuition Fee

Examination Fee

Actual Fee Per Sem. / Per Year


6 sem.




15050 Per Year


Besides all these exceptional features of our distance learning programme, we have other benefits associated with our students. Students will be provided with interactive and engaging material to learn. This kind of teaching will develop an interest in the subject and enhance the skills of students. Course-specific summaries, as well as subject-specific assistance, will also be provided. Self-learning materials for students which will make it easy and convenient for them to revise the syllabus on their own. BBA Distance Education in Jaipur. Student support is what we are known for. Thus we focus primarily on making it student-friendly academic advisors will also have their roles to play in order to advance help to students.

BBA Distance Education in Jaipur is a course which can open a lot of job opportunities. Management graduates can make their career in either public or private enterprises. We make students industry ready so that they are well versed with all the aspects of management and business. If not business or job, students a move further in management studies through Master of business administration(MBA). MBA also has very promising career opportunities to offer. They can pursue any other post-graduation programme too.

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