B.Sc Regular Course in Jaipur


B.Sc Regular Course in Jaipur


As we know that science is the most important part in our life in every aspects. Hence to know about the real world of science, B.Sc Regular Course can be a best choice after completing 12th standard. B.Sc Regular Course in Jaipur, through Nice College, can be pursued by opting different subjects in accordance with your interest like – Physics, Chemistry, Zoology, Mathematics, Biotechnology etc. While pursuing 3 years duration B.Sc Regular Course students can get a scholarship funded by government. In B.Sc Regular Course, your Experimental, Observational, Scientific & Logical Skills improve through grounding & insights in different areas of science. You may increase your theoretical and research skills in B. Sc Regular Course which must be helpful in your future works. Nice College which established in 2001, is providing a high standard of education of B.Sc Regular Course in Jaipur.

B. Sc Regular Course Curriculum:-


SemesterRegistration FeeTuition FeeExamination FeeActual Fee Per Sem. / Per YearMedium
3 Year50017700180020000English

You can choose subjects and degree of B.Sc Regular Course in Jaipur through Nice College from wide range of options like –

1. B.Sc in Physics

2. B.Sc in mathematics

3. B.Sc in Zoology

4. B.Sc in Botany

5. B.Sc in Chemistry

6. B.Sc in Biotechnology

7. B.Sc in Agriculture

8. B.Sc in Home Science

9. B.Sc in Computer Science etc.

Career after B.Sc :-

There are so many opportunities after taking degree of B.Sc Regular Course. You may pursue Master’s Degree (M. Sc) for higher knowledge and education. You can prefer Ph. D for independent research projects. There are a wide range of career options. You can choose a Research Scientist Job in Research & Laboratory Industry. Lab Chemist can be a good job option after B.Sc Regular Course of Biotechnology. Students can prefer career as a Biologist, a Psychologist, a Scientific Assistant etc. There are so many job options in Chemical & Healthcare industries. Most of the compnies hire Market Research Analysts every year from aspirants who have a Degree of B.Sc Regular Course.

Aspirants can go for a Bachelor’s Degree in education (B. Ed) to build there career in education department as a teacher. And also you are eligible for many government jobs of graduate level. You can brighten your career in Scientific Research Field after B.Sc Regular Course in Jaipur through Nice College.

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