B.Com Distance Education in Jaipur


B.Com Distance Education in Jaipur



B.Com Distance Education in Jaipur is an undergraduate degree in commerce offered by our college in distance education. This three-year undergraduate programme gives students an insight into the field of accounting and finance. Students gain knowledge about the areas of commerce, trade, and industry. Students can learn at their own pace and convenience. The comprehensive course offered in this programme helps in understanding subjects such as Accounting, Economics, Business, Law, Taxation, Insurance, Statistics, and Management. This subject stimulates learning in students and enhances their operational skills. This undergraduate distance education degree in commerce also includes concepts related to international marketing, modern banking, commercial law, logistics, and foreign trade.  It is designed to develop an in-depth understanding of the market and accounting components of a company. Learning financial management is the core essence of this programme. Developing extensive knowledge about taxation and costing principles is also a part of our Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) distance learning course. The syllabus also covers the rules of management and organization. Specialization in specific areas of business and basic financial principles is the purpose of this correspondence B. Com. degree offered by our college. Students can fulfill their dreams and aspirations through this course in this age of competitiveness. This can be achieved through our world-class quality education. This course offers greater flexibility to students in terms of time usage and employment. We employ professionals into designing the content and course structure. Syllabus and study material are designed and developed keeping in mind the various standards and necessities. This is a three-year undergraduate program which covers almost all the major subjects of commerce and finance.

Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) fee & courses details:-


Registration Fee

Tuition Fee

Examination Fee

Actual Fee Per Sem. / Per Year


3 Year




13050 Per Year


To list some of these subjects we have:

1.      Finance

2.      Accounting

3.      Law

4.      Management

5.      Taxation

6.      Cost accounts

7.      Economics

8.      Marketing

9.      Statistics etc.

All these major topics and more would be covered during the course which will make the students employable and competitive.

There are many job opportunities right after graduation for B.Com Distance Education in Jaipur students. Graduates from our distance learning B.Comcourse a choose between employment or self-employment. They can easily find opportunities while pursuing the course. you can apply for the post of an accountant, as the basic job of profit an loss tracking will be a good start. You can also become a tax consultant after completing graduation as the course gives you comprehensive knowledge of taxation. Banking can also become an option for you. Both the private and public sectors demand such fresh graduates for a variety of job profiles.

If not job, you can further your studies with higher education in the same field. You can go for Masters of Commerce (M. Com) for greater specialization in the subject of accounting and finance. Master of Business Administration (MBA) is also an attractive option as it provides opportunities in the corporate sector. B.Com Distance Education in Jaipur graduates can also opt chartered accountancy as a career option.

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